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(UX/UI Design)

Implementing a digital solution within McDonald's iOS app, designed to increase user engagement and purchase behavior through a strategic stamp & referral code program.

McDonalds Prototype 2Screen.png



Venrick Azcueta, Matt Gainer,
Signe Bone, Carolyn Murdock, 
Benedicto Rodriguez,
Augustina Riener, & Myself

UX Researcher, Design Strategy, UX/UI Designer

Project Type

Academic Hackathon


24 hours


What needs to happen?

In a multidisciplinary team of 7, we were tasked to create a digital solution designed to increase user engagement and purchase behavior within the current McDonald's iOS app. 

The solution had to be built and pitch ready within 24hrs.




What is McDonald's trying to achieve?

McDonalds has launched a Digital Loyalty Program hoping to further engage its existing customer base of 1 million+ app users, and encourage program adoption for new users. They are looking to:

  • Engage new & existing users

  • Encourage additional purchases


How might we ...

increase user engagement and purchase behavior through intentional digital experiences.

Game Plan


Planning for success.

Knowing this challenge would encompass a 24hr turnaround time, it was important to immediately begin with a tentative game plan in order for us to make most of the time we had available to us. 


Strategize & Decide

  • Challenge brief with McDonald's executives.

  • Team Meeting & Brainstorm

  • Data Analysis

  • Vote & Decide


Ideate & Design

  • Brainstorm

  • Sketch

  • Taskflow & Wireframing

  • Prototype

  • Internal Testing

  • Iterate & Final Design


Build & Pitch

  • Develop solution

  • Compose submission deck

  • Draft presentation script

  • Finalize & rehearse presentation

  • Final Pitch

Strategize & Decide


Embracing teamwork

With a global team consisting of one Data Scientist, two UX Designers, two Web Developers and two Digital Marketers, we wanted to ensure everyone's skillsets were utilized to their fullest potential and that everyone had an input. 

Our approach to this challenge was straightforward:

1. Teammate Introductions

    Everyone was to first introduce themselves to the team, and express their strongest skillsets and how they'll be supporting the team.

2. Establish A Decider
We wanted everyone to have input in every decision, however for whenever it came to a standstill it was important to 
     establish one individual as a Decider early on, in order to ensure the team didn't spend too much time on more micro decisions. 
     In the case of our team, this became

3. Set Communication Channels

     Since we were a team working across the globe via LA, Spain, Vancouver, and Toronto, it was important to set concrete communication
     channels via Slack & Zoom, in order to ensure all communication was easily accessible to everyone involved. 

4. Check-In Schedule
     Similarly, it was important for the team to have set check-in schedules for Zoom calls, so no one lost track of time, and everyone could         stay on the same page together as the project moved along. 

With this in mind, we began our research into McDonald's problem space. 


Understanding the problem space

Before making any design decisions, it was important for our team to begin researching and analyzing the data at hand in order to ensure our proposed solution was meeting the needs of our target audience.


Our data scientist began by first studying McDonald's consumer patters in order to identify what factors were significant for the consumer buying decision. Data insights revealed two key factors:

1. Ease & Convenience

Screen Shot 2021-09-01 at 4.18.50 PM.png

The modelled data indicated a clear correlation between convenience and buying.  Ease of purchase proved to be a major motivating factor for consumer's buying decision. 

2. Time Saving

Screen Shot 2021-09-01 at 4.26.12 PM.png

The modelled data also indicated a strong correlation between time saving and buying.  Similar to convenience, time saved when purchasing was also a major motivating factor for consumers. 

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